LED Sparkle Dancefloor Hire

You dont get better than this with LED Sparkle Dance Floors in Ireland. 

We are one of only a handful of companies in Ireland that supply a wired dance floor. What does that mean exactly says you?

There are two main types of LED Dance Floors which are wired and unwired.

A wired LED Dance Floor powers each panel through a powered wire connection which lights up the dance floor.

A wireless LED Dance Floor is clipped together almost like a giant jigsaw creating a connection that powers the dance floor.

With a wireless LED Dance Floor - as guests start to dance and move on it the panels begin to spread apart and lose that connection which results in LED panels not lighting up! Which can look awful on your wedding day. 

We are proud to say here at Picabooth we are one of only a small number of companies that supply a wired LED Sparkle Dance Floor in the country. Our dance floors have been proven to be the most reliable and we service them before and after each and every use ensuring that the floor on your event date is working and shining. 

Please do not make the mistake and book a wireless floor.

What our customers say

"We had Picabooth at our wedding and it was absolutely brilliant. The photographs turned out amazing and everyone really enjoyed it. Darren was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!" - Julia.

"Huge thank you to Picabooth who provided a selfie mirror for our wedding reception and it was a huge hit. Darren was great to deal with when planning and the photos were excellent. Couldn't recommend them enough!" - Sarah